Top 6 Fashion Tips and Rules When Dressing Kids

Perfect Trimmed Bows are a great fashion accessory for kids because of their dual functionality of being a great accessory and also a necessary item. When it comes to babies and toddlers, their clothing options are quite limited and so you have little room to add some style and personality. Well with accessories you can do that without causing your child any discomfort.

Perfect Trimmed Bows can be used to hold a kid’s hair back while also serving as a fashion accessory and style statement. When it comes to dressing kids, there are a whole new set of rules because what works for adults may not work for them. Hence, having items like Hair bows and bands and berets go a long way to making the job easier for parents and keeping kids happy and stylish. Speaking of rules and tips, below are fashion tips that parents can have handy when dressing their kids.

Comfort is Key

As adults, every now and then we choose to give up comfort so we can be more fashionable or wear that shoe “that’s just perfect” or carry that purse that can’t really hold our phone or wallet. But for kids, this should never be the case. Comfort should always be the primary goal when dressing kids up. Their clothes must be weather appropriate and must have a comfortable feel on their skin. Avoid clothing that is made with harsh materials that could be scratchy on the skin. Check the clothes for hooks or zips that could cause discomfort, and make sure their shoes are comfortable and breathable.

After dressing up a kid or baby watch to see if they become fussy or keep adjusting a clothing item. These are signs of discomfort and signs you should change their clothing to something more comfortable. Another thing to keep in mind is comfort and ease while dressing and undressing. It is better to get clothes that can be easily worn and taken off in record time. This will make changing babies and toddlers a lot easy and it means faster getting ready time in the morning. For growing toddlers, when their clothes can be easily taken off and worn, they will start to learn pretty quickly how to dress and undress themselves.

Choose the Right Fit

An extension of choosing comfortable clothing for kids is making sure the clothes are the right fit and the right size. When a clothing item is too big or too small it could lead to problems, discomfort and even accidents like tripping or pain. Make sure their pants fit right on the waist as too small will lead to discomfort around the waist and even scaring and too big could lead to the pants falling off and causing the kids to trip. So make sure your kids have the right fit of clothes and the right size, especially when they are active (which is most of the time).

Don’t Over Accessorize

We already talked about accessories above and how they are a great way to add style and personality to a kid’s outfit. However, when it comes to clothing items, it is better to get clothing that has no accessories attached. So don’t get shirts with things clipped on them like too many buttons, large zips, clothing clips, and all other bells and whistles. These things could end up poking your child and causing discomfort and even injury. So when it comes to accessories, stick with simple add on external accessories like Perfect Trimmed Bows, headbands, colorful backpacks etc.

Choose Bright and Happy Colors

Kids are always a joy and dressing them up in bright, beautiful and happy colors is one way to bring out their childish charm and highlight it even more. Get them clothes and dress them up in bright colors and in prints and patterns. Neutral colors are good for some occasions but too much neutrality in a kids clothing becomes quite a bore. Kids feed off of the energy around them and this includes the type of clothes they wear. Get them clothing with prints of their favorite cartoon characters, bold patterns, and prints and mix and match in ways that bring it all together.

Try not to overmatch their clothes so learn to mix and match colors and patterns. In time they will learn to do the same and will start to pick out their favorite types of clothing or colors. It’s always great to let kids be involved in choosing what to wear as this lets some of their personality shine through with their outfits. A good rule of thumb is to stick to one theme and don’t match with more than three colors.

Dress for the Activity

When dressing kids, it is important to keep in mind what they will be doing that day. Are they going to be in school? Are they going to be outdoors for most of the day? Will they do a lot of running and climbing at the park? Take note of all these factors and pick the right clothes and shoes for their activity. If you don’t dress them right for the activity, they will end up being uncomfortable and this will hinder their play or ability to have fun. For example, you don’t want to wear the kids dress shoes when they need to go to the beach or the park. They will end up either taking them off and or ruining the shoes or maybe even flinging them into the ocean.